Dimo’s/Labtronics is the manufacturer of both the Automated and Classic Model 919® Grain Moisture Tester.

We also manufacture grain dockage sieves, grain sampling & temperature probes, test weight determination equipment, scales & various other types of grading and testing supplies for the agricultural industry.

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Serving as the Standard
for Grain Moisture Testing in Canada for Over 60 years

Our Model 919® Moisture Tester Stands the Test of Time. Dimo’s / Labtronics® is a Family Owned & Operated Business located in Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA. Our Products are Proudly Manufactured In-house. Customer Satisfaction is our Guarantee!

Classic Model 919® Moisture Tester

  • Industry Standard for 60 Years
  • Rugged Construction
  • Accurate Moisture Results
  • Reliable & Easy to Use
  • New LED indicator light installed
  • Manufactured by Dimo’s


Automated Model 919® Moisture Tester

Automated Model 919® Moisture Tester

  • Rugged Construction
  • Fast, Accurate & Repeatable Moisture Results
  • Automated Sample Temp. Measurement (expanded)
  • Built in Conversion Charts
  • Easy to Read LCD Display
  • USB port for data collection, printer port


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919 Service and Recalibration. Send your Model 919 directly to the manufacturer for same day service !

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using advanced engineering design software to create our products.


our product specifications to ensure they meet Canadian government standards
for the agricultural industry.


utilizing CNC machining technology and plastic injection moulding within our
tool & die machine shop environment.


our products and customer satisfaction is our guarantee.

We provide warranty and ongoing TECHNICAL SUPPORT

for our customers. And we do this all in Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA.