Classic Model 919® Moisture Meter FULL KIT

$1,699.00 CAD

The Labtronics® Model 919®™ Moisture Meter used by producers, elevators, and government agencies has a proven history of both durability and reliability in an agricultural environment.  The Classic kit includes the Model 919® moisture tester, 600g x 0.1g digital scale, storage case, book of charts, -10 to 110 degrees celcius thermometer and 9 Volt battery clip for use in the field. This is a completely portable kit with a removable 3.5″ cell for fast and easy testing.


NEW LED Indicator Light: the LED light now changes from GREEN (GO) to RED (STOP) when the analogue needle reaches the low (null)point providing another way to obtain your dial reading.

Rugged Construction: die-cast aluminum housing for maximum durability.

State-of-The-Art Technology: the electronics use solid state transistors instead of vaccum tube technology. NO TUBES TO BURN OUT!

Fast and Easy Testing: the % moisture can be obtained from a sample in less than one minute.

The Test Cell and Body are Calibrated as a Unit: errors in calibration may occur if the cell is interchanged with another tester.

Analog Meter Movement: All new Model 919® Testers have the easy to read, time tested analog meter movement with orange needle.

Portability: a 9 Volt DC Plug is included, allowing the unit to be transported and used under any field conditions. (9 DC volt battery is not included). Optional storage or transport case available.

Accuracy: within 0.1% when properly calibrated

Serviceable: a complete inventory of parts for our Model 919® will always be available. (many parts from the Motomco 919 are also interchangeable with this new unit).

What is in the Box:

  • Model 919® Moisture Tester with Removable 3.5″ Dump & Test Cell.
  • Glass Thermometer – green liquid filled (environmentally friendly)
  • 120 Volts 60 Hz AC/DC Power Adapter
  • 9 Volts DC Plug
  • Operation manual with all CGC charts. Many additional charts are available upon request.

The Model 919® is made in Canada. All components are brand new and manufactured using CNC technology.
Spare parts will always be available. Ensure that your Model 919® is serviced by approved technicians, using officially authorized components.