Automated Model 919® Moisture Meter FULL KIT

$2,899.00 CAD

The fastest and most accurate Model 919® EVER!  Accurate, Precise, Robust, Servicable. The kit includes Automated Model 919® tester and 600g x 0.1g digital scale and storage case. 2 year warranty.

Dimo’s Tool & Die Ltd/Labtronics® is the manufacturer of the AUTO Model 919® moisture tester.  Sample temperature measurement & conversion charts are both built into the Automated Model 919®. Simply make your commodity selection, weigh out & dump the sample and watch as the % moisture is automatically displayed on the large LCD display. Standard paper chart temps. are limited to between 11 and 30 °C, the AUTO 919® allows you to test samples with temps. above and below these limits!!

As part of the testing process, Dial Drum value & Sample Temp. can also be displayed for easy comparison to a Standard Classic Model 919® tester to promote accuracy comparisons. USB & printer ports allow for results to be printed or automatically logged on a memory stick in Excel spreadsheet format. Time, Date, Commodity, Sample Temp., Dial Drum Value, % Moisture can all be recorded. Users also have the option to assign & record Bin Numbers or Sample Numbers for each test.

As with the Classic Model 919, the AUTO Model 919 is a Canadian-made robust, accurate moisture tester that will stand the test of time & not have to be serviced or recalibrated for many years. The Automated Model 919® also calculates official test weight by converting the Grams/0.5L into lbs/bu and kg/hL. 3 year warranty. Complete kit includes Automated Model 919 with 600g x 0.1g digital scale and storage/transport case and 0.5L measure for test weight.