Model 919® Automated Smart Charts II

$379.00 CAD

NO MORE PAPER CHARTS for you Model 919®.  Select your commodity, enter sample temp. & dial drum number and the % moisture is automatically displayed.

Building on the Success of the Original Smart Charts

Standard paper chart temps. are limited to between 11 and 30 °C. NEW Smart Charts II Benefit: Increases measuring range of the Model 919® by allowing users to enter temps. above 30 °C or below 0 °C.

ACCESSORY for the NEW Smart Charts II include:

1.) NEW rigid 10′ wireless multizone bin probe. Consists of 2×5 foot sections with 2 temp. sensors on each section for a total of 4 temp. sensors. Allows farmers to monitor stored grain temperatures at various levels inside the bin without having to plug into display unit. A transmitter on the handle of the probe wirelessly transmits temp. data to be displayed on a New Smart Charts II unit. (FALL 2010)

Test weight conversion charts are also installed in the unit. Simply choose your commodity, enter the grams per 0.5L and the lbs/bu and kg/hL are displayed. Please phone 204-772-6998 for price and availability.