Model 919® Digital Conversion and Alteration Problems

Important News for Customers!

  • Dimo’s / Labtronics® is the only manufacturer of the Model 919® with over 55 years of production and service experience.
  • All components of our Model 919® are manufactured at our Winnipeg Facility and will always be available.
  • All new Model 919® testers built by Dimo’s Tool & Die continue to have the easy to read, time tested analogue meter movement with orange needle.
  • Modifications have been made to ensure that UNAPPROVED alterations cannot be installed into our Model 919® moisture tester.
  • Attempts by another company to alter our analogue meter movement will NOT improve accuracy.  Such claims are FALSE and misleading.
  • It is our opinion that such alterations were never properly evaluated for use in our Model 919®.
  • Dimo’s/Labtronics® has absolutely NO AFFILIATION & does not supply parts to any companies attempting to install such alterations.
  • Ensure your Model 919® is serviced by approved technicians using officially authorized components.

A word about Calibrations

  • A professionally calibrated Model 919® is done so using a minimum of 3 dial drum reference points. Labtronics uses 6 dial drum ref. points during all calibrations.
  • Comparison to a single ref. pt. (as with altered meter) does NOT ensure your 919™ tester is properly calibrated across the entire calibration range (from 0-100 on the dial drum).
  • Comparison to a single dial drum ref. pt. (as with altered meter) is NOT enough and will lead to a FALSE sense of proper calibration.

WHEN you notice ANY of these problems with your altered Model 919® moisture meter please contact us:

  1. Numbers too jumpy & will not stabilize
  2. Cannot adjust unit to stay @ 00 or will not stay @ 00 (null point)
  3. Null point (00) changes when cell is touched or gently wiggled
  4. Null point (00) changes when switch is gently wiggled
  5. Null point (00) changes when dump tube placed on top of cell tube
  6. Results of altered meter not accurate at high OR low dial drum values.
  7. Results of altered meter not accurate at high OR low temperatures.
  8. Model 919® with alteration does not hold calibration very well.
  9. Meter Readout negatively affected by low temperatures.