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Model 919® Service

Same Day repairs available most times.

We service all Model 919®™ testers including Halross®, Labtronics®, Motomco, CAE, Nuclear and Conuclear Ent. models. Our service technicians are certified and only use genuine Model 919®™ parts and electronics when repairing your moisture tester. Ensure your moisture meter is being repaired by our professional staff of service technicians.

Conversion of 3" moisture tester to 3.5" cell.

The Canadian Grain Commission no longer produces or ammends charts for the Model 919® with 3" cell. All charts are only for use with the Model 919® with 3.5" cell. We routinely convert 3" testers to 3.5" and this conversion is well worth having done when the time comes.

Shipping Instructions:

  • Please pack well.
  • The unit should not shift in the box.
  • Paper should be inserted around cell cone.
  • Cell with cone should be stood upright inside box. If meter has toggle switch (on/off switch) on the front, insert cardboard to insure the switch from going through the box.
  • Insert paper on top to protect meter movement.
  • We require the cell tube(cone in center), AC adapter or power supply and the dump tube.
  • We prefer shipping by bus or courier, bus or mail.
  • We service meters the same day we receive them.

Due to re-stocking and staff holidays for the months of January and February, service times may be longer.

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