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The Varroa-nator Screen Insert

Varroa-nator Screen Insert a new IPM tool for the battle against the Varroa mite.

Allows for physical separation between fallen mites & bees. Placed on top of a traditional bottom board which has been reversed 180 degrees.

New landing area & front opening for the bees to come & go. Bees that are groomed off or fall off during chemical treatment pass through screen onto old bottom board below.


Monitoring hives for mites is becoming increasingly important.

Opening under the screen at the rear of the insert promotes easy monitoring.

Plastic or tin sub-board easily placed under screen thru the back of insert.

The Varroa-nator screen insert is manufactured by Dimo’s Tool & Die Ltd. in Winnipeg using an injection molding process.

  • Impact resistant-recycled white plastic ABS
  • Resistant to any environmental conditions.
  • Heavy 8x8 stainless steel screen molded directly into the frame
  • Will resist formic acid treatments.

The screen insert can be screwed down to the existing bottom board using any of the four holes (counter sunk) that are molded into the upper surface of the frame. Upward protruding stabilizer fins are also present to help give side to side and front to back stability of the brood chamber and remaining hive components.

The Varroa-nator insert is currently being sold by the Manitoba Honey Co-operative across western Canada & in the U.S.A. by Dadant & Sons.

The 8x8 stainless steel insert sells for appox. $19.95. If you have any questions or comments regarding the insert please feel free to contact Jason Diehl at Dimo’s Tool & Die Ltd. in Winnipeg, MB

Click photo for larger version

Click photo for larger version

Click photo for larger version


DIMO’S TOOL & DIE/Labtronics®

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Telephone: (204)772-6998